Featured Testimonial

Ashley Smith

ashleysmith2Dear the entire Elevation Design team!

I am writing to start off by thanking you all SOOOOO much for all the amazing, beautiful, elegant and unbelievable dresses you have made for me over the years.  When Elevation first opened I was a bit nervous to see what my Irish dancing first dress would be like, but when I walked on stage at the All Irelands in 2006 in that gorgeous 5 panel white and navy dress, everyone stopped me in my tracks to ask who made it.  I was so honored to be one of the first dancers to say “I am wearing Elevation Design.”

Over the years, Elevation Design has impressed me and shockeAshleySmithWorldsd me so much!  Every year when it was time to get a new dress, I would think to myself, “how on earth are they ever going to top my dress from last year.”  BUT leave it to Elevation Design team to do it.  Each Irish dancing dress that has been created, was created not only to make me look beautiful on stage, but it was designed and molded just for me.  By taking one look at each one of my dresses you saw Ashely Smith.  My style, my personality, my love for fashion, irish dancing and everything that comes with it, just shined through in my Irish dancing dresses.

Now that I am retired from competitions I am not upset about missing my dancing because I know the passion will always be inside of me, but what saddens me the most, is the fact that I won’t ever get that rush when I first walk into the shop and see all the new fabrics, or the nerves I get when Jackie tells me all the new ideas they have that sound so crazy and wacky but always come out stunning and brilliant.  I truly can’t thank Elevation Design enough and after so many years of hard work and time you put into my dresses, I can truly say you NashleysmithEVER LET ME DOWN.  I loved each and every one of my dresses and I wish the Elevation team all the best in your future dress making!  I know Elevation Design will keep blooming each year as the flowers do in spring time, for there is never a flower that is ugly or wilted and all Elevation’s Irish dancing dresses are like flowers glistening in the sun and sparkling in the rain =)

Thank you all again I truly love each and every one of you, and I promise to keep supporting Elevation Design as much as I can.  For fun my friend who is a photographer took some photos of me with my favourite Elevation Dance tops, and I am forwarding them to you so you know I will always wear Elevation with pride, because of course Elevation Design helped me elevate and become the champion I am today =)

I love you all, best of luck!  I thank you, I admire you all …keep up the good work!

Sincerely and love forever

Ashley Smith